Soldiers flex lethal muscle

Clandestine, agile and lethal are the words to describe the soldiers who executed live-fire anti-armour stalks using direct-fire support weapons (DFSW) during Exercise Kapyong Warrior.

CAPTION: A soldier from 3 RAR fires a Javelin FGM-148 direct fire, guided weapon system during Exercise Kapyong Warrior. Story by Captain Diana Jennings. Photo by Corporal Dustin Anderson.

Infantry soldiers of the 3rd Brigade’s 3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR), conducted Exercise Kapyong Warrior at the Townsville field training area in June to develop battalion and company-level skills before conducting the brigade warfighter activity.

Section commander Lance Corporal Ethan Moulden, who led his team through an anti-armour stalk to eliminate enemy targets, said their ability to move on foot in small teams was vital to maintaining a low profile within the battlespace while still being effective.

“Using our small teams on foot makes it harder for the enemy to identify, so we can clandestinely move in, find an area that’s concealed and have an effect upon the enemy to achieve the mission,” LCpl Moulden  said.

“We can provide anything from harassment, all the way to completely destroying medium-armoured vehicles, and do this without having a very large footprint or signature for the enemy to pick up.”

Infiltrating an offensive firing position is no easy feat. With challenging terrain, weapons and ammunition, the sections are highly trained to execute physically demanding missions.

“The terrain is pretty undulating and the weight of small arms, body armour, helmet, and the 84mm itself, which weighs about 20 kilos, makes moving through undetected difficult, but we get it done,” LCpl Moulden said.

Firing one of two Javelin missiles, Private Jarrod Raines, from DFSW Platoon, had an even more explosive task to execute during his sections anti-armour stalk, which he described as a mixed sense of calm and adrenaline.

“We keep a low profile during infill, scanning for the high-value target, and once we’re happy with the position we wait silently for H-hour to be called over the radio,” Pte Raines said.

“It’s a great feeling. You get a rush when the missile leaves the tube, and when it hits the target there’s a lot of adrenaline. Then you just get out of there as quick as possible while the 84mm smoke covers our ex-fill route.”

Holding the ability to provide direct fire support, Pte Raines said the live-fire activities were a training highlight and an opportunity to display their skills.

“It was a fantastic experience and definitely a great feeling to get out and perform our job to a high standard,” he said.

“Live fire is a great opportunity to display our lethality on the battlefield and it just goes to show that we’re ready and we can do this anywhere.”





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3 thoughts on “Soldiers flex lethal muscle

  • 11/07/2022 at 2:42 pm

    Giving up hope before firing the first shot is not the Australian way.
    Skill in use of modern tech weaponry is essential as we may someday be adequately armed for other than longer range warfare. The days of the long bayonet have long gone and our numbers too few for any protracted practical defence, so we must rely on allies
    HenRAE 860700

    • 12/07/2022 at 11:01 am

      G’day HenRae. You wouldn’t be a ‘Ginger Beer’ by chance? 😉

      QUOTE. ”our numbers too few for any protracted practical defence, so we must rely on allies” END QUOTE.

      I’m fast becoming a fan of Australian Neutrality, I see it as a natural fit for us.

      With our West, South, East secure, a cheap effective forward Defence Posture is easy.
      Politically, we can rule our patch in the South Pacific.
      Economically, we’ll save a bunch of Blood and Treasure following the Yanks killing little brown people, and can spend it on ourselves.

      I’d be grateful if anyone can point out any problems with Australian Neutrality, I’m buggered finding any.

      Finally. If I had my time again, I think I’d rather have been a Ginger Beer.
      Not much call for Grunt skills in Civie Street.


  • 10/07/2022 at 12:11 pm

    Feeling sorry for my former Battalion mates.

    I imagine you were training against a mythical Enemy without any I.S.R., counter fire or Air support whatever.
    That will NEVER happen.

    Any footage of Javelin Teams in Ukraine show what happens when you fight like this. You die, horribly.

    Our days of killing peasants in 3rd World countries are over.
    The next War the Yanks pull us into, we will likely be the ones without I.S.R., air support, or a chance.

    We have watched a N.A.T.O./U.S. trained Army in Ukraine be comprehensively taken apart in 4 months, without ever taking one step forward.

    If the P.L.A. is 80% as good as the Russians, we will never defeat them, and we need to move to Neutrality immediately.

    DUTY FIRST (Ex Active 8 Platoon., C Coy 3R.A.R.)


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