There’s a soldier’s memorial at the end of our street, from a war they claim we lost
For 41 Australian lives, it came at too great a cost
The Currawongs sing their requiem, at sunset and at dawn
His image rests serenely, on a fresh mown lawn

A proud son of the Hawkesbury, who paid the highest price
Wearing his nation’s colours, a selfless sacrifice
He gave his life for others, in a fatal fight
Little thought for his own safety, or the perils of his plight

To his comrades he was ten feet tall, placid unless riled
But to his loving parents, he will always be their child
Each night before I went to sleep, I said a fervent prayer
For the safety of our two children, who were also serving there

I watched the sad ramp service, the piper’s lone lament
Memories from past battles, when our country’s blood was spent
The slow march of his unit, a drum’s sombre beat
The sound of last deployment, leather upon concrete

For years it has stood here, from a time that people dread
A tragic day of infamy, when death and eternity wed
I’ll pass by here tomorrow, it’s always on my way
A constant reminder, of the price that we must pay

People well may question, the reasons why he fought
Freedom and protect the weak, the lessons he was taught
For decades we have sent our youth, to wars that made no sense
Now you’ll find his legacy, beside an Air Force fence

By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton

In memory of Private Luke Worsley
KIA Uruzgan 23 November 2007


FILE PHOTO: Australian soldiers from the Special Operations Task Group and Reconstruction Task Force farewell fallen comrade Private Luke Worsley during a ramp ceremony at their base in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan on 27 November 2007. Photo by Captain Al Green.





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