Advice for a sleep walker

I’m looking for some advice more than anything and not sure who to reach out to…

I enlisted in the infantry in 2008 and after a sleep-walking episode and being classed as MEC 4 my options were limited to admin or truckie, neither of which I have any interest in, so I left.

I was taking pseudoephedrine at the time which may have contributed to the sleep walking.

Since then I have been working in tech – currently at Google, where I figured my skills would be useful for combating cyber attacks.

I have had two sleep studies done, and saw one of Australia’s leading sleep experts, all of which found no issues and I now have supporting letters that I likely grew out of it, or it was from the pseudoephedrine.

I keep reading about the army reducing physical standards for the infantry and, while I can smash out a BFA that would get me in the infantry again, the sleepwalking is an issue, even for a part-time desk job.

It seems a bit silly, especially when these skills are in short supply, and civilian pay is 5x-10x what you could get in the army.

Any idea who can look at this or offer advice?

Or should I just give up?



FILE PHOTO: Australian soldiers march with packs at the School of Infantry, Singleton. Photo by Sergeant Janine Fabre.





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