Diversity crucial for innovation

After a 26-year career in the education industry and the private sector, Flying Officer Punam Singh Wahan was inspired to join Air Force to be part of something bigger.

CAPTION: Royal Australian Air Force training systems officer Flying Officer Punam Wahan undertakes daily duties as No. 37 Squadron’s technical systems officer at RAAF Base Richmond, NSW. Story by Flight Lieutenant Jessica Aldred. Photo by Corporal Dan Pinhorn.

Now a training systems officer at Headquarters Air Mobility Group, Flying Officer Wahan believes her diverse experiences outside Air Force bring a unique perspective to the team.

“When it comes to the workplace, diversity is a crucial driver for sparking innovation,” Flying Officer Wahan said.

“By recruiting employees with a broad range of backgrounds, skills and experiences, Air Force stands to benefit from a larger talent pool and a wider spectrum of creativity and perspectives.

“A diverse team with varying perspectives and viewpoints is able to reach solutions quicker and come up with more unique ideas than a team that shares similar backgrounds.”

Outside of Air Force, Flying Officer Wahan continues in her role as the NSW/ACT convener for Future Problem Solving Australia and is the district debating convener for the Ryde/Ku-ring-gai region in Sydney, which are dedicated to promoting problem solving and developing leadership skills. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and loves spending time in nature.

Flying Officer Wahan said her team’s diverse backgrounds mean they come up with different solutions for challenges that can be shaped to gain the best outcome.

“My team, being diverse, view the world differently and apply their personal circumstances and experiences to contribute unique perspectives to benefit Air Force,” Flying Officer Wahan said.

“A diverse workforce promotes inclusiveness and reduces the fear of being rejected, boosts creativity and engenders goodwill within our global community.”





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