Navy a supportive community

Moving to new towns and cities is often par for the course for a Defence member.

CAPTION: Petty Officer Daniel McRoe returns home to Tasmania in HMAS Hobart, which supported the 184th Royal Hobart Regatta. Story by Lieutenant Nancy Cotton. Photo by Leading Seaman Daniel Goodman.

Petty Officer Daniel McRoe was not born in Tasmania, but the Apple Isle town of New Norfolk is the place he, his wife Natasha and their two children now call home.

He recently returned in HMAS Hobart when the destroyer visited the city for the Royal Hobart Regatta, held from February 12-14.

The community support is what Petty Officer McRoe said was so good about Tasmania.

“There is a strong community spirit and extensive veteran community, too. Many of the families are generational, having lived there for a very long time,” Petty Officer McRoe said.

His wife Natasha, who is a serving Navy warrant officer, said she shared that sentiment.

“You can be sure to run into someone you know when you head into town,” she said.

“It’s a nice feeling knowing we have a supportive community.”

Petty Officer McRoe has served in Navy since 2003, having joined for a trade and to travel, and he has certainly done that.

“In my role as a marine technician, I am the refrigeration and hydraulics manager,” he said,

“I enjoy the job satisfaction, taking a ship to sea knowing my team has made it safe to sail.

“Sailing home gives me a sense of pride; seeing my family waving from the wharf is a great feeling, and especially sailing Hobart in to Hobart,

“Being separated is never easy – this life certainly comes with its challenges, but the Navy community makes it easier.

“The mateship in Navy is strong.

“Anyone joining should understand that, although you have to leave your own community, you are joining another family community and you’re never in this alone.”





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