How you helped us all out many times in any given day
With only three primary uses designed that way
I would be at a loss when you could not be found
Checking everywhere hoping you were still around

You helped every one of us get into something new
Tirelessly you worked on a job best suited to you
Even cracking open a beer every once and a while
You my little friend had no class, just style

With three point to any argument you were quite stark
Yet always lending a hand and making your mark
One of the few that did their job to the letter
Although at times quite ridiculous, there was nothing better

A true little battler tirelessly you did your duty to the end
Now resting easy in my kitchen drawer at home my old friend


By Spent Cartridge
31 January 2022


FILE PHOTO: The humble and ubiquitous field rations eating device – aka fucking ridiculous eating device – aka F.R.E.D. in use.





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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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One thought on “Fred

  • 27/03/2022 at 1:29 pm

    Yes, have absolutely the fondest of memories using the FRED. What a great piece of equipment to have had the pleasure of using. Unfortunately these 21st century soldiers will not get to experience such a device with the advent if the modern ration pack or MRE’s.


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