Yes! I’m a Veteran!

Morning Brian, 

At it again. Caution mate! This one is still hot!

Originally it was “Oh! My friend Sleep!”
But I liked the new title better!

Take care mate!


It’ early morning once again, as I now stand

I find myself sitting writing with this pencil in hand

Unable to sleep due to the pain in my knee

And my shoulder; back; and also neck to a degree

Not that it’s only them stopping me from that elusive much needed sleep

The “Cicadas” going crazy in my head, not allowing for so much as a peep!

So pains, clenching teeth and noises that creep

Just some of the things that keep me from counting sheep

No “Meds” to assist me tonight you see

“A rest from them every now and then” a statement which I do agree

Still here I am at 3:14 am in the morning

Listening to “Breakfast at Sweethearts” as Jimmy Barnes does he sing (or is it scream! That’ll do Jimmy, That’ll do! On yah mate!)

My day has started early once more as it has for yet another week!

My sleep hygiene is better but still it needs a good tweak  

What can one person do or try yet again

With so much going on, how can one shun that which offends

Thoughts from years gone by, unable to forget

Some you chuckle about; others you look on with regret

Those times have moved on by

Live life, now that’s what I must try

Instead of living in the past

Oh! But we did have such a Blast!

Did things that people couldn’t conceive

The memories and all the injuries that we did receive

Now come into play

It’s like this every, Goddamn bloody day!

“No Rest for the wicked” for people like me so they tell

I guess for us, Well, we’ll all be off to Hell!

But that’s okay with me you see

And also with the powers that be

As it’s a nice wide road going south from Taree

And a narrow stairway going north to the sky, Look see

With a Jack’s and Cola in my hand once again (it’s been a while! “meds”)

Yeah, I like that a lot, that plan, off to see the Big man! 

Driving there in style in my great Holden VF ute 

Be buggered if I’d walk there, do I look like a silly old coot!

But that’s just a dream of mine, you now see

Better to stay here with all of these pains that well, trouble me

Advance forward with my wife, get out and enjoy life once again

Come on! You remember? Just like it was when you were ten!

In times that were much simpler way back then long ago

So get up! Take a breath and throw those dice once again! and don’t go

Still listening to music from off of my phone

Trying to stay in this good place, you know this zone

Now plays our anthem from “Redgum” (I was only 19 (A walk in the Light Green))

It captures the sentiment, not that I have to beat that drum 

The Sun is just up now the rays they shine through

“Live, Laugh, Love” it is what you must do

Look at the smaller things in life

To help cope and overcome all your strife

Like the things you fob off and don’t really see

Just sit and engage, don’t yell, instead stare at that tree

Look at the little black native bee, doing its work every day

They’ve got it sorted working together and finding their way

So I will leave you just here; as, I’m off to the gym! It’s still in my morning routine

It all helps to keep me lean and healthy in mind and improves me, this I have seen

So don’t YOU give up Hope, as YOU Will find your own way back

Just remember one important thing. Stay on the Track!  (NavyStay on that Tack!)


By Spent Cartridge
Proud Australian Army Veteran 
26 November 2021






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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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2 thoughts on “Yes! I’m a Veteran!

  • 02/12/2021 at 3:41 pm

    Dear Mick,

    It’s just where I’m at in life at this point in time. Not a good place I will admit, a lot of us have and continue to be there. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced it (who am I kidding!). It’s about finding the strength to “Go On!” sometimes it’s easy. Other times you stand looking at a roof truss with rope in hand. Not one’s finest moment; but, it’s all a part of life. The Good; The Bad; and, The downright Ugly! b

    Do you remember when you were in uniform and you found a loose thread prior to a Parade/Inspection? What did you do?… You burnt it off, with a cigarette lighter (the one you carried but you didn’t smoke!), that’s what you did. You didn’t dare pull on it! As that could cause more issues. Something small like the tip of a iceberg, there are a lot of ways this is described “Don’t judge a Book…. etc., etc. But we “Endure” that is what Veterans do. We know that game well, very well.

    A good thing too, as you have to deal with some parts of DVA! A lot of us refuse to deal with them at all; and, I don’t blame those Veterans, I blame the Government and their Ignorance and Negligence. Not just the current Govt. for all you Labour people out there, every Govt. with a special shout out to the Governor-General or is it the “Muppet” (Yes! I know he is a decorated Officer and all but if the shoe fits! Get those hands out from under your bottom arse! (Brian, Please cross out bottom! Thank you!) Whoops! I’ve upset people, I think! Whatever! You realise people that the Buck stops with the GG axing 2 Sqn SASR and removal of our Arrogant Hubris can, could, should, but wasn’t due to the GG sitting by doing sweet F All! Funny that, just look at 17th Lancers now,(they were on the left front flank at Balaclava!) The Royal Lancers – The Queen’s Own! Bravo your Majesty! Love that woman! Served her twice! She loves the Death or Glory Boys! But not our GG or the peanut in charge (CDF) and his equally gifted CA. There’s more than a “Blackhawk Down!” here! Houston we have a prob…!

    Some parts of the DVA animal are very difficult to deal with, others are better than what they used to be in the past (mainly because our Brothers and Sisters are within their ranks and understand us). The procedures and forms are their biggest issues, and of course that some of them just don’t listen, as they know better, they have a piece of paper that says so. Plus you the Veteran, well your “Damaged Property”. Times haven’t changed I still recall going to the RAP and leaving with a “Chapstick” and a “Band-aid” that was on a good day, sometimes they didn’t have “Chapsticks”! as for getting treated well… Yeah sure!

    Anywho, I must go as I am rambling and I have to get back to staring at the phone expecting DVA and/or someone from MR Gee’s office to call (someone other than a Psychologist doing an RUOK? Check). Lovely chatting so glad I could take a breath, now back to holding it. You enjoy the day and “Fight the Good Fight” Mick keep those poems coming as I really enjoy them.

    Take care and remember “Don’t look down eye’s and head up” as there’s no money down there, Because I was a Corporal; and, I’ve already picked it all up!

    Your Brother,

    Spent Cartridge

  • 01/12/2021 at 6:13 pm

    Thought provoking and definitely reflective.


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