The bells of peace, rang loud and long, 5 million lost in war 

But the pandemic about to break, would claim over ten times more

Some said it swept up from the south, others the American mid-west

But no matter what its origins, it was the century’s greatest test


It cared not for the lives it took, class, creed, or gender

To those who were afflicted, it was the devil’s vendor

Not confined by nations, it spread across the world

In spite of man’s best efforts, the deadly virus swirled


In 1918 we fought, under one flag, one nation and one cause

But this time it was different, each state had its’ own laws

Some people were complacent, in the case of public order

For what was OK in New South Wales, was illegal over the border


Most of us kept the rules and heeded what was said

Some said it was a conspiracy, but that didn’t explain the dead

Riots and anarchy, broke out in our own land

Fuelled by a wave of hate, few will understand 


But even in these darkest days, there are rays of hope ahead

Vaccines and simple hygiene can banish the curse we dread

For when we thought, all was lost and we’d reached the end of our tether

We will defeat any foe, if we do it all together


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
11 October 2021


FILE PHOTO: Army Privates Kate Larby and Maddison Lillie, and Victorian Department of Health Authorised Officer Daniel Green on patrol as part of a COVID-19 Household Engagement Program to support the Victorian State government’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Photo by Private Michael Currie.






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