Is Classics for a Cause fair dinkum?

You’ve probably seen ads for classic-car raffles all over the Internet – including here on CONTACT – and wondered is it fair dinkum or not.

CAPTION: New Delorean owner William in Croydon, Queensland, shows his appreciation for his recent Classics for a Cause win.

Well, I’m very happy to say Classics for a Cause is as legit and fair dinkum as the cars they give away regularly as clockwork.

And while they do pay for the ads I’m carrying here on CONTACT (and I thank them for their support), they didn’t pay me to write this post – I wrote this post because I came across the following video and got goose-bumps watching it (I swear I didn’t cry 😉 ).


If you need any more proof that Classics for a Cause is the real deal, watch the video of William, a veteran-come-council worker out the back of Woopwoop taking delivery of a fair dinkum DMC Delorean (designed and built in my home country – Ireland).

I could also say, don’t bother buying a ticket in the Mustang draw because I’m going to win it – but, I guess that’d defeat the whole raising-funds-for-veteran-charities thing.


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One thought on “Is Classics for a Cause fair dinkum?

  • 16/09/2022 at 5:06 pm

    You have been sadly misled. These people did NOT do the right thing by me. As much as I was happy that I won a Mustang I was totally disillusioned by their blatant disregard for me and my legitimate requests I had after I won the car. I will explain: when I purchased the tickets for the car part of the conditions were that the car would come to me registered and ready to drive. This could not have been any further from the truth. Not only was it not registered but it required thousands of dollars spent on it to make it roadworthy. I spent nearly 10 months trying to find some one that could fix the car but because it had been restored with different parts of different cars it was a nightmare. It went from being a dream to absolute shit. These so called great people not only refused to foot the bill for the repairs but then just totally refused to take calls from me. I ended up selling the car for a lot less than it was worth. I don’t know how other people have gone with them but I would never go there again. In my humble opinion, they are charletans and rip off artists and deserve to be shut down!


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