Is Classics for a Cause fair dinkum?

You’ve probably seen ads for classic-car raffles all over the Internet – including here on CONTACT – and wondered is it fair dinkum or not.

CAPTION: New Delorean owner William in Croydon, Queensland, shows his appreciation for his recent Classics for a Cause win.

Well, I’m very happy to say Classics for a Cause is as legit and fair dinkum as the cars they give away regularly as clockwork.

And while they do pay for the ads I’m carrying here on CONTACT (and I thank them for their support), they didn’t pay me to write this post – I wrote this post because I came across the following video and got goose-bumps watching it (I swear I didn’t cry 😉 ).

If you need any more proof that Classics for a Cause is the real deal, watch the video of William, a veteran-come-council worker out the back of Woopwoop taking delivery of a fair dinkum DMC Delorean (designed and built in my home country – Ireland).

I could also say, don’t bother buying a ticket in the Mustang draw because I’m going to win it – but, I guess that’d defeat the whole raising-funds-for-veteran-charities thing.


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