“Don’t forget me cobber,” the cry rang out from hell

That was Fromelles bloody battlefield, where five thousand diggers fell

The soldier froze in his retreat, then turned to face that voice

And ran back to save his wounded friend, for he knew he had no choice


That plea made so long ago, has echoed down through time

It’ a comfort when someone is there, when your life is on the line

Though they may pay the highest price, in answer to that call

To lay down your life for your fellow man, is the greatest gift of all


Those who wore the uniform and safely returned

Bore within their selfless souls, the ANZAC torch that burned

For there were other wars to fight, against man and nature’s threat

Now their own descendants, stand firm without regret


When bushfire’s flames devour the sky, as Hades scorched the earth

These volunteers in harm’s way, truly proved their worth

Before the cyclone’s howling scythe, or surging flooding tide

Those who rise for no reward, fill our hearts with pride


You may call me jingolistic, but when word is matched by deed

That rescue on the fields of France, sowed the bravest seed

When deadly threats confront us, there is something you will find

When an Aussie is in danger, you don’t leave your mates behind


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton


FILE PHOTO: Fromelles headstones by Petty Officer Mez Merrill





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