Navies on board with sharing despite COVID-19

During HMAS Parramatta’s recent port visit to Brunei, members of the ship’s boarding party shared their skills virtually with their counterparts from the Royal Brunei Navy.

CAPTION: HMAS Parramatta’s boarding party officer Lieutenant Daniel McMillan, left, Chief Petty Officer John Hogan and Commanding Officer Commander Anita Nemarich meet virtually with personnel from the Royal Brunei Navy. Story and photo by Leading Seaman Jarrod Mulvihill.

The virtual meeting at the end of May during a three-day logistics visit provided the teams the opportunity to share information and learn from each other about boarding operations.

The personnel covered topics such as training techniques, equipment, evidence collection and boarding procedures.

Commanding Officer Parramatta Commander Anita Nemarich said it was great to be able to engage with the Royal Brunei Navy within a COVID-19 environment.

“Contactless port visits are no barrier to working with like-minded regional partners,” Commander Nemarich said.

“This is just one more example of how Navy has adapted to this current operating environment.

“The Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Brunei Navy share a strong relationship, and events such as this continue to build on those great connections.”

Parramatta’s boarding party officer Lieutenant Daniel McMillan said he enjoyed showing the Brunei personnel the way his team operated.

“Knowledge sharing among partners in the COVID-19 environment and through contactless port visits has further developed international relationships with like-minded navies,” Lieutenant McMillian said.

“Learning from another navy about their boarding operations has reinforced and enhanced the work I do in keeping our boarding party prepared for any task required.”

Parramatta recently completed a two-month deployment of South-East and north-east Asia.

Operating as a task group with HMAS Ballarat, the Anzac-class frigates conducted a number of navy-to-navy engagements with partner nations across the region.





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