Showcasing the C-27J Spartan

Air Lift Systems Program Office (ALSPO) has taken a fresh approach to showcasing the C-27J Spartan’s capability across Defence and industry.

CAPTION: Personnel attending the Air Lift Systems Program Office C-27J Senior Partnering Board experience a RAAF C-27J Spartan tactical flying. Story by Eamon Hamilton. Photo by Corporal Dan Pinhorn.

Last month, members of the C-27J Senior Partnering Board – comprised of Defence units and industry partners – travelled on a C-27J Spartan to RAAF Base Wagga.

The trip allowed the board to experience how the aircraft is used to engage with Indigenous communities, as well as Air Force’s next generation of aviators.

Commanding Officer of ALSPO Wing Commander Herman Wong said the board was an annual event to bring together senior representatives of the C-27J enterprise.

“We want to deepen our relationships across Defence and industry in a way that will improve everyone’s understanding of why and what they contribute to this aircraft,” Wing Commander Wong said.

“Taking the board away and going on a flight allowed everyone to see and experience the capability that they support, rather than host everyone in their usual workplace at RAAF Base Richmond or Amberley.”

The C-27J crew from No. 35 Squadron at RAAF Base Amberley collected board representatives at RAAF Base Richmond and Defence Establishment Fairbairn.

They included members of Northrop Grumman, Leonardo, StandardAero and Rolls Royce, which all engage with ALSPO to sustain and maintain the RAAF’s fleet of 10 C-27J Spartans.

The visit to RAAF Base Wagga coincided with the commencement of National Reconciliation Week.

“We engaged the indigenous liaison officer network and local Wiradjuri Elders to conduct a Welcome to Country at RAAF Base Wagga,” Wing Commander Wong said.

“That engagement allowed Defence and industry alike to have increased awareness to the challenges and barriers that prevent increased indigenous participation in the Defence enterprise.”

Visiting RAAF Base Wagga also allowed the Spartan to make a positive impression on Air Force’s next generation of aviators.

“No. 35 Squadron provided a static display with the C-27J for over 180 staff, trainees and recruits at RAAF Base Wagga,” Wing Commander Wong said.

“This included members of RAAF School of Technical Training, RAAF School of Administration and Logistics, and 1 Recruit Training Unit.”

Conversely, bringing the C-27J Senior Partnering Board to RAAF Base Wagga allowed Defence and industry stakeholders to see how initial employment training is delivered in the RAAF.

“We gained an appreciation of the advances in aviation technical training, which will help (us) to identify opportunities for how we improve C-27J and medium air mobility training systems,” Wing Commander Wong said.

CAPTION: An Air Force C-27J Spartan conducted a ‘Hot Stop’ at Defence Establishment Fairbairn, Canberra. Photo by Corporal Dan Pinhorn.





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