Airspace surveillance work rewarded

Air surveillance operator, Surveillance and Response Group (SRG) Warrant Officer, Scott Doring, has today been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his significant contribution to the ADF in air surveillance operations and personnel capability development.

CAPTION: Air Surveillance Operator and Surveillance and Response Group Warrant Officer, Scott Doring, has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia. Story by Bettina Mears.

Warrant Officer Doring has had a career of achievements and milestones, including receiving bronze, silver and gold commendations, and also saw active service when he deployed on Operations Slipper and Okra.

The Queen’s Birthday Honour represents a special addition to this list of achievements, which also acknowledges his important service contribution back home.

As squadron Warrant Officer of No. 3 Control and Reporting Unit (2012-2015) and in his subsequent role at No. 41 Wing (2015-2019), Warrant Officer Doring’s ability to lead disparate teams in collaborations saw him direct major reforms through improved tactics, techniques, and processes in the airspace surveillance tri-service domain.

Warrant Officer Doring, who transferred to Air Force from Navy in 1995, has been committed to service excellence throughout his career and has been passionate about supporting the next generation of aviators.

“Our people are the cornerstone of our capability,” Warrant Officer Doring said.

“In my current role, I am honoured to be in the service of the highly-talented SRG workforce and I regularly marvel at the achievements of our people.

“I believe Air Force members represent the best of Australia and its values and I am always mindful that we ask a lot of people and their families who play a crucial role in enabling us to serve.

“I’m very fortunate to have tremendous support from my family and I never take that for granted.

“With respect to being included in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, particularly in Air Force’s centenary year, I am incredibly humbled and still coming to terms with the significance of this recognition.

“I have been privileged to have some extraordinary mentors and colleagues who have invested in me over the years – I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

“I genuinely feel this organisation has given me everything and I’ve dedicated my career to trying to square up the ledger.

“Although I’ve accumulated a lot of experience over the years, I am always learning and trying to improve, but I gain most satisfaction from seeing the people around me thrive and succeed.

“Air Force is a team of teams and our greatest accomplishments are realised through the sum of all the parts coming together – it has been such a privilege to play a small role as part of this exceptional team.”

Commander SRG, Air Commodore Nick Osborne, said Warrant Officer Doring’s efforts had enabled Defence and government to be better informed of potential threats through enhanced visibility of Australian airspace, delivering greater command and control in both the strategic and tactical operational environments.

“Warrant Officer Doring’s superior insight and incisive actions has ensured effective surveillance of Australia’s airspace and the advancement of joint battlespace management for decades to come,” Air Commodore Osborne said.

“His commitment to improving the conditions of employment, professionalism and training of the air surveillance operator mustering, as well as his positive influence of Navy, Army and Air Force members undergoing this training, has enhanced the ADF’s ability to train and deploy surveillance professionals.

“Warrant Officer Doring’s selfless approach, remarkable initiative, conspicuous drive, and inspirational devotion to the professional development and welfare of his people, together with his airspace surveillance and training reforms, has brought immense credit upon him in the finest traditions of the ADF.

“I’d like to personally congratulate Scott on his achievements; with the Queen’s Birthday Honour a befitting acknowledgement of his significant service contribution.”





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