A ‘giant’ sees fit to move on

Personnel from 7th Brigade, Gallipoli Barracks, have Warrant Officer Class Two Stuart Camac to thank for their superior fitness performances.

CAPTION: Warrant Officer Class Two Stuart Camac briefed 7th Brigade on his rotation to Egypt after being presented the Multinational Force and Observers Medal as he was farewelled from 26 years full time service. Story and photo by Major Roger Brennan.

Whether heard from afar or felt on the backs of necks during a fitness assessment, his words of encouragement have milked the best out of all who have heard them.

“Great performance team; see what happens when you’ve got a decent haircut,” Warrant Officer Class Two Camac has been heard to say.

Or: “Lynch, you came in last because your drawstring was hanging out. You know it’s the difference between first and last.”

But, after 27 years of encouragement and full-time service, the much beloved operations warrant officer is transitioning to the role of a small-business operator.

“I’ve had an incredible career in the Army and I’ve worked with some exceptional people,” said Warrant Officer Class Two Camac.

“But, I’ve withdrawn from the family account too many times in the last 27 years and now’s the right time to make a deposit, and support my family.”

Warrant Officer Class Two Camac has been to Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and East Timor three times, spending nearly three years deployed on overseas operations.

His experience will be missed both by those who have worked alongside him and by the Army as a whole.

7th Brigade Major Tom Lewis presented Warrant Officer Class Two Camac with a plaque and pinned on the Multinational Force Observers medal for service on Operation Mazurka in the Sinai Peninsula.

“In a few words, it’s difficult to do justice to the career of Warrant Officer Class Two Stuart Camac; the commitment, professionalism, sacrifice and impact you have demonstrated… You would need a book,” Major Lewis said.

“For those of us who continue in your footsteps, we’re truly standing on the shoulders of a giant – a giant character, a giant of this brigade and the armoured corps and a giant family man.”

Warrant Officer Class Two Camac offered some final words of advice to junior members: “Say yes to opportunities and lean in to gain experience.”






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