Industry placement enhances knowledge

After a 30-year career in Army, Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Michael Landy wasn’t sure what to expect when he went on an industry placement.

CAPTION: Warrant Officer Class One Michael Landy took part in the Army Industry and Corporate Development Program. Story by Lieutenant Simon Hampson.

As part of the Army Industry and Corporate Development Program (AICDP), WO1 Landy joined the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) working for the Chief Executive Officer.

CIT is the largest publicly funded registered training organisation in the ACT and is responsible for providing training and education that meets the needs of students, industry, business and the Canberra community.

WO1 Landy remained employed and in service with Defence during this time as part of the standard arrangements for secondments or placements.

He said during his 12 months at CIT he valued the experience.

“I love my job as a soldier and I wasn’t sure what I could contribute at first, as I was well and truly outside my comfort zone,” WO1 Landy said.

“It exposed me to a new domain of knowledge, culture and diversity. The opportunity to improve my own skillsets and learn other ways an organisation must adapt to face their challenges and be responsive in their environment was excellent.”

The impact of COVID-19 created the opportunity for an exchange of ideas and an opening for WO1 Landy to bring his Army experience to CIT.

“My training from Army became extremely useful when coping with the impacts of COVID-19 as CIT allowed me the flexibility within the organisation to find where I had a purpose, use my skillset and could provide a benefit,” he said.

“I learnt many valuable lessons, mostly about navigating change and uncertainty.

“A successful partnership depends on developing professional relationships. It was a privilege to undertake this secondment at CIT, a truly humbling experience.

“I would recommend an industry placement to anyone who is provided with an opportunity.”





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