Couple relish working together

Working with your partner can have some challenges but for Leading Aircraftwoman Kate King and Leading Aircraftman Will Pinkerton it was a refreshing experience.

FILE PHOTO: Leading Aircraftman Will Pinkerton and Leading Aircraftwoman Kate King at Avalon Air Show, Victoria. Story by Flight Lieutenant Georgina MacDonald.

Deployed on Operation COVID-19 Assist in Melbourne since April, the couple have always been deployed to separate locations.

With almost 12 years of service combined, the couple met while on posting to RAAF Base Glenbrook.

Leading Aircraftman Will Pinkerton said he appreciated the opportunity to deploy to Melbourne with his partner.

“I would say that we have been lucky to have such a supportive chain of command at the Air Warfare Centre,” Leading Aircraftman Pinkerton said.

“Having deployed apart over our careers, it is nice to be together during Operation COVID-19 Assist and see each other after our work shifts.

“I can truly say that stronger families lead to stronger communities.”

Growing up in Melbourne, the chance to get back to her hometown and work near family was eagerly snatched up by Leading Aircraftwoman King.

“Having my whole family live in Melbourne, we have been able to spend our down-time with them which has been a rewarding experience,” she said.

“2020 was a really hard year for Will and I, and I was barely able to see my family at all due to the extensive lock-downs.

“We have been able to spend our days off with them which has been really nice after barely seeing them in 2020.”

National Families Week is from May 15-21 and aims to promote and celebrate the family unit and the vital role it plays in shaping our children as they grow from infants to young adults.





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