The Last Letter Home

My dearest precious darling it causes me to grieve

This is the only letter I hoped you’d not receive

I took it as my duty to serve the nation well

Whether it was worth the tears only time will tell


For the love we shared together there can be no regret

It made our lives more worthwhile than if we’d never met

It may seem a selfish act to leave you all alone

But you were always in my thoughts when I was on my own


I know our little angels are much too young to read

Just be there for your mummy in her hour of need

And if you find her crying give her a kiss or two

And wrap her in the biggest hug just like I used to do


Dear Mrs Anderson with a heavy heart I write

I was Johnny’s padre when they brought him in last night

He passed to me this letter I know you just have read

It is the true testament of the pure life that he led


He left this world a sadder place his best mate by his side

The courage that bore him to his end still fills us all with pride

I’ve served the Lord since I was young and often pondered why

The devil deals the cards in war so only good men die


There is no place for angry words when it seems life is so short

For one should always be recalled for the happiness they brought

And remember in the future when all the years have flown

The soul you have in heaven is the closest friend you’ve known


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton



FILE PHOTO (February 1993): Officer Commanding BASG at Baidoa, Somalia, takes time out to write a postcard home. Photo by Corporal Gary Ramage.






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