Flight crew returns to ship for deployment

The aviation team and MH-60R helicopter of 816 Squadron’s Flight 6 are back aboard HMAS Anzac.

CAPTION: The MH-60R helicopter with the call sign Berserker being prepared for launch from HMAS Anzac. Photo by Leading Seaman Thomas Sawtell.

The Flight 6 team of six aircrew and 12 maintainers was previously embarked in Anzac but detached in November last year.

The team returned to Anzac prior to a 10-week deployment throughout South-East Asia and the north-east Indian Ocean.

Anzac, Flight 6 and the auxiliary oiler HMAS Sirius departed Fleet Base West on March 4 to work with a number of partners throughout the region.

Flight 6 flight operations officer Lieutenant Edward Bauld said the team gained valuable experience supporting the two ships in the lead-up to the deployment.

“We were able to qualify the deck and bridge crews of Sirius so that we can now operate safely when conducting aerial transfers between the two ships and vertical replenishments at sea,” Lieutenant Bauld said.

“Having an aviation asset as part of the task group while on deployment is a key element in supporting maritime operations.”

Meanwhile, Flight 6 also unveiled a new call sign and livery for the MH-60R on her return to Anzac.

While the embarked helicopter previously used the call sign ‘Biscuit’, it returned to Anzac under the call sign ‘Beserker’.

Lieutenant Bauld said the change was a good fit with Anzac, which is known by its call sign ‘Blind Viking’.

Anzac is the lead ship of the Anzac-class helicopter frigates and is a long-range vessel capable of air defence, surface and undersea warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance.

CAPTION: Flight Six flight operations officer Lieutenant Edward Bauld aboard HMAS Anzac. Photo by Leading Seaman Thomas Sawtell.





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