A snapshot of two long careers

Two Air Force photographers from the same squadron have each clocked up 40 years of service in the ADF.

CAPTION: Senior Air Force Imagery Specialist Sergeant Pete Borys, from No. 464 Squadron RAAF Base Amberley Detachment, has clocked up 40 years’ service in the ADF. Photo by Corporal Nicci Freeman.

Air Force Image Specialists Corporal Colin Dadd and Sergeant Peter Borys have both received their Fifth Clasp to the Defence Long Service Medal, the first Federation Star, which recognises the achievement.

They are posted to No. 464 Squadron Military Public Affairs Amberley Detachment.

They both said they were proud of their achievements and still loved being able to showcase Air Force to the public with images that get them very close to the action.

Corporal Dadd joined the Air Force as an aircraft technician, and changed his specialisation to photography after 10 years.

He said his decision to change specialisation was made in part because of his passion for photographing wild animals, especially tigers.

Becoming an image specialist has opened the door for a unique insight into Air Force and a trip to India to spend time with tigers.

“It was an easy decision to serve for so many years when I get to see and do things people wouldn’t usually get the opportunity to do,” Corporal Dadd said.

“I enjoy opportunities where I get to see people do their job from behind a camera, doing what they love and seeing how their role fits into the bigger picture.”

Sergeant Borys joined the Army as a technician in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals, becoming a photographer nine years later.

He enlisted in the Air Force on June 3, 1988.

He took a career break in 2003, to provide a more stable life for his youngest child, Jaxson, but returned to service behind the lens in 2005 and he’s been gathering images ever since.

“Over the 40 years, I have accomplished what quite a lot haven’t and feel quite content at the thought of retiring in 2025,” Sergeant Borys said.

“I’ve represented the Australian Services Volleyball team for 15 years, played golf for Defence since 1997 and participated in the ADF Golf Association National Championships a number of times.

“I have also flown in an F-111 and captured many Remembrance Day services.

“But my career highlights have to be exercises Christmas Hop 2019 and 2020.

“Going into the remote communities and seeing the local children’s faces when they saw the toys and what the RAAF was doing for them was very rewarding and humbling.”

For Corporal Dadd, after 40 years in Air Force, there’s one thing remaining on his bucket list: a flight in an F-18 fast jet.

“I love aircraft, especially fighters” Corporal Dadd said.

“I have been in every aircraft I can, except for fighter jets.

“I worked on Hornets and this would be the icing on my cake.”

CAPTION: Air Force Corporal Colin Dadd, from No. 464 Squadron Air Force Imagery Detachment Amberley, with his 40-year clasp and some of his favourite things. Photo by Corporal Jesse Kane.





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  • 16/03/2021 at 11:09 pm

    Pete and I were on the same basic photo course back in ’86. He was Army back then.


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