If there was a fire or a toxic hazard was discovered aboard Navy replenishment vessel HMAS Sirius, the crew would know exactly how to respond.

CAPTION: Navy frigate HMAS Anzac in company with HMAS Sirius during a replenishment at sea exercise off the coast of Western Australia.

That is because they, in company with frigate HMAS Anzac, have spent two weeks recently conducting damage-control training.

The crews of Sirius and Anzac were tested on their core mariner skills to ensure they were ready to effectively respond to a potential emergency on board.

They were also evaluated on their ability to conduct flying operations in various weather conditions and in high-end warfighting scenarios.

Commanding Officer Sirius Commander Chris Doherty praised his team for their effort during the training, which comes just weeks before the two ships participate in Regional Presence Deployment 2021.

Sirius has had a great two weeks at sea demonstrating her ability to sustain the fleet and the opportunity to optimise our ship to deploy,” Commander Doherty said.

Sirius has a vital role to play at sea and lived up to her motto ‘to serve and provide’ by proving her ability to resupply Anzac underway by conducting replenishments at sea in a variety of conditions and scenarios.

“Replenishment at sea between two vessels is highly complex and requires significant skill and experience, as the two ships must sail a certain distance from each other and maintain the same course to enable hoses and fuel to be safely passed between them.”

Both ships have now returned to Fleet Base West before they deploy on Regional Presence Deployment 21 next month.

CAPTION: Able Seaman Joseph French watches on as HMAS Anzac approaches HMAS Sirius for a replenishment at sea exercise.