Federation Star for long-serving padre

After 26 years in the regular Army and reaching the rank of Colonel, Bishop Grant Dibden asked Chief of Army to reduce him in rank to a Division 1 Chaplain (Captain).

CAPTION: Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr presents a Federation Star to Bishop Grant Dibden alongside his wife Janet at Russell Offices, Canberra. Photo by Petty Officer Lee-Anne Cooper.

Fourteen years on from becoming a man of the cloth, Bishop Dibden is now head of the ADF’s 90 Anglican chaplains.

Bishop Dibden originally joined as an officer, graduating from the Royal Military College in 1979 and served as a Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corp officer before becoming a padre.

In recognition of his long and remarkable career, Bishop Dibden was presented with a Federation Star and Long Service Certificate by Chief of Army Lieutenant General Rick Burr late last year.

Lieutenant General Burr congratulated Bishop Dibden on his achievements.

“I thank you for your sustained devotion to duty throughout your 40 years of service,” Lieutenant General Burr said.

“It is 40 years well packed and a genuine contribution to our Army, our nation and most importantly to our people.”

Bishop Dibden’s wife, Jeanette, observed the presentation at Army Headquarters in Canberra, as did close family and friends via teleconference.

“It’s been a wonderful journey and I could not have done it without her,” Bishop Dibden said.

“It is an honour and signifies that I have been able to do my part in serving our nation.”





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