Defence thinks it has the math right this time

In the latest and funniest saga with Defence’s almost-non-reporting on COVID-19 within its ranks, the ADF today reported one new case of COVID-19 ‘overseas’ – and got the math right in adding up all its cases.

However, given that Defence reported it had 101 “confirmed” cases of COVID-19 ‘overseas’ on Tuesday this week, but then revised it down to 100 “confirmed” cases on Wednesday, we’re not 100% sure if today’s figure is correcting the debacle earlier in the week or whether there was actually a new case detected yesterday.

The whole mess actually started on Monday this week when Defence added six new cases ‘overseas’ but only five to their running total – then compounded the error on Tuesday by adding two to both the ‘overseas’ number and the total – one of which had to be wrong, as demonstrated by simple arithmetic.

That error was ‘fixed’ on Wednesday by removing one “confirmed” case of COVID-19 from the ‘overseas’ tally – only to put it back again today.

So, the bottom line is – to the best of our knowledge, putting blind faith in Defence’s heretofore dodgy ‘reporting’, there have been 164 “confirmed” cases of COVID-19 in Defence to date, 154 of whom have ‘recovered’ – and 101 were/have again been detected ‘overseas’.





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