Shot in the Buttocks 

Based on a true event

I remember my dear old teacher, who often made the call

“Heads  down and bums up”, meant for you to give your all

Little did I realise, when I faced future strife

Those simple words of wisdom, would nearly cost my life.


I went off to Vietnam, for reasons I believed

Though some of my old school mates, said I had been deceived

I always paid attention and so had little fear

Till a well aimed sniper’s bullet, caught me in the rear


They put me on a medivac and got me out of there

Safely back to “Vungers” and the best of medical care

I was left to wonder and I really racked my brain

Why so much fat and muscle, could cause me so much pain.


I watched the nurse approaching, her patience I would test

So, with a smile and a wink, I made a rude request

She said. “ I have a job to do and do it to the letter

For I am here to dress your wound, not kiss the damn thing better


“I have mended soldiers, for nigh on a full year

And thought I’d seen everything, until you showed up here

So you just settle down and watch your cheeky tone

You’re going back to Aussie, so don’t let me hear you moan”.


Now my lasting legacy, is a long and narrow scar

We often joke about it, as we gather around the bar

I still share my story, but only with good chums

I’m known to  my old platoon, as the soldier with two bums.


I have so many memories, carried through the years

Even back in those dark days, I laughed away the tears

And even if they rib me, their comments I let pass

At least I know when I was hit, I wasn’t sitting on my arse.


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
14 July 2019









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