Hurry Up and Wait!

When I joined the Air Force
I heard my DI state
“There’s a phrase you all will soon learn”
“Just hurry up and wait!”

I met my one and only love
And went out on our first date
Her mother said, “She ain’t ready yet
So just hurry up and wait!”

Our courtship was both up and down
Of that there’s no debate
When I proposed she only said
“Just hurry up and wait!”

I was standing by the Altar
In a perilous state
Her bridal car had been delayed
So, I had to. “Hurry up and wait!”

We went on to have five children
That was always to be our fate
‘cause we both ignored the warnings
To “Hurry up and wait!”


When I left for civy street
I had so much on my plate
They said, “Sit down and sign these forms
And just Hurry up and wait!”

On arrival at the airport
I’ll give it to you straight
Some check in clerk will always say
“Just hurry up and wait!”

Santa Claus is coming
And I’ve cleaned my slate
When I ask “What’s he bringing?”
I’m told to “Hurry up and wait!”

When I finally fall off the perch
And arrive at Heaven’s Gate
I hope St Peter will not say
“Just hurry up and wait!”


By Tomas ‘Paddy’ Hamilton
14 December 2019



FILE PHOTO: Corporal Mark Rudledge sleeps through mid-day heat during the survival phase of Exercise Kowari 2015, in the Daly River region, NT. Photo by Corporal Kyle Genner.






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