CONTACT sets new record for page views

WOOOHOOO!!!! With three months and five days left in 2020, we’ve already eclipsed last year’s record-breaking statistic for the number of page views on our web site in a calendar year.

Early this afternoon, on 25 September 2020, CONTACT’s stats clock ticked past 4.2million page views – passing the number we celebrated as a record across the whole of 2019.

If we can keep up our current pace, we’re looking at a 2020 record somewhere north of 5.5million page views across the whole of this year!

This year’s figure is in-keeping with the upwards trajectory of our audience growth since transitioning CONTACT from a print magazine to digital in 2014.

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2014 – 89,816
2015 – 842,030
2016 – 2,038,619
2017 – 2,796,977
2018 – 3,710,374
2019 – 4,192,866


… and 4,200,166 as of 25 September 2020 – with three months and five days left to build on another amazing year for CONTACT growth.

And just for the record, we also recently passed 14,200 email subscribers – who average more than 28% open rate and more than 10% click-through rate on our fortnightly newsletters – which I’m told are pretty good stats there too.

So, a huge thanks to YOU the CONTACT audience and fan base for all your support and for being so engaged with our content.


  • Any advertisers who want to engage with our audience and help us sustain the ‘CONTACT media empire’, please check our Advertising Page for competitive rates on a range of advertising options – or phone Brian Hartigan on 0408 496 664 to discuss.






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