Blue Bolt non-lethal ammunition used on urban training course

Urban training is considered a challenging way to prepare for modern operations and the latest Regimental Officer Basic Course at the School of Infantry has experienced this at the next level using cutting-edge Blue Bolt non-lethal ammunition.

CAPTION: Army officers during a Blue Bolt non-lethal training ammunition serial on the infantry Regimental Officer Basic Course at the Singleton Military Area. Photo by Sergeant Ray Vance. Story by Major Carrie Robards.

Lieutenant Ethan Strunks said non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA) provided realistic training with many advantages.

“This gives us the opportunity to fight force-on-force, rather than just against targets,” Lieutenant Strunks said.

“What blanks can’t simulate, like taking a casualty in the battlefield, NLTA can.”

Commandant of the Combined Arms Training Centre (CATC) Colonel David McCammon said the implementation of realistic and challenging training was the right way to prepare future leaders.

“CATC is focused on delivering training that strengthens a soldier’s combat mindset,” Colonel McCammon said.

“While the training is tough, it mirrors the demands of leading soldiers on a battlefield.

“Training such as this ensures that our soldiers are ready to fight and win the land battle, now and under the demands of future warfare.”

Working in partnership with Army Headquarters, School of Infantry has been able to qualify around 90 personnel who can now cross-pollinate into battalions and build an instructor base.

Further test and evaluation trials are scheduled in September, and based on their success, will then be rolled out across Army.





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