Very convienient vertical storage system – French cleats

I am blessed to have a double-garage space to work in – BUT – since it also has to accomodate two cars at night, I have to use every available space off the floor for storage and organisation.

In my garage, there’s a huge, unblemished (until got at it) wall, ideally suited for a large-scale French-cleat system (and if you don’t know what French cleats are, see my diagram below – and watch the video to see it in action).

Putting up the French cleats on the wall took me two days, and then I spent months making boxes and organisers to hang on them.

The beauty of this system is, I can design and build any shape new box or hanger to store anything in, stick a cleat on the back, and simply hang it on the wall – then easily take it down to use around the shop any time I want, and hang it back up, out of the way, when I’m done.

If you recall, I’ve been teasing about how this series of Make-n-Do could be leading up to something new and big for CONTACT.

Well, much progress was made this this week, and I’m nearly ready to tell. So stay tuned.

Actually, here’s another cryptic clue… this new thing is so big and I’m so excited, I may need an ambulance if I don’t get it off my chest real soon 🙂


How a French cleat works…

How a French cleat works





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