Second camera shootout – Canon 5D MkIII v GoPro hero 5

This is my second side-by-side camera shootout – this time with the Canon 5D MkIII versus the GoPro Hero 5.

This, however, is not so much a battle to see which camera is better, but a side-by-side comparison that demonstrated to me how very much different the two cameras are – and how very useful both are within their own strengths.

I am coming to realise that what I have in these two cameras (as well as my others (phone and drone and a couple of other camera bodies now semi-retired), is a range of tools, each with strengths and weaknesses and each better than the other in some applications – and, its up to me to know my tools and how to employ them to best effect.

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A FEW NOTES: I’m only using iMovie (because it’s free) on an oldish 13-inch MacBook Pro for editing. I applied only minor contrast boost to just some of the shots in this video. The best examples are the first four after the intro (the shots with the red shovel on the rocks). The first from each camera is exactly as it came off the cameras, and the second from each camera has some contrast boost only. I did that deliberately to show you the difference – and probably should have pointed it out in sub-titles. iMovie has no sharpening option. That’s why (contrary to most pro-shooter advice) I use camera settings for sharpness (as well as colour and to some degree saturation). Because of my laptop, what I see on my laptop is little if any different in the video off the camera and when it’s presented on YouTube. I sometimes watch my own videos on a 58-inch HD tv via YouTube, and they look good at that size too, so I’m happy enough with the output quality at this point in time. Maybe one day when I get good at this, I’ll pay more attention to the output stuff. For now I’m enjoying the video-making process.





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