POSITION VACANT – Advertising Sales

CONTACT is seeking an advertising sales agent to help us attract quality advertisers, so we can continue to grow and thrive.

Previous advertising sales experience would be good, but not essential. We would prefer to work with (and guide if necessary), someone who understands CONTACT and the CONTACT audience.

A military veteran/CONTACT fan with the right attitude and personality would be preferred over an advertising-sales professional with no military experience or understanding/empathy for our audience.

We would like you to…

  • be a good communicator
  • be a polite yet persuasive representative of our business
  • be confidant and outgoing
  • have an ability to build and maintain relationships with clients
  • be organised and maintain good records
  • communicate regularly with us


Role description

NOTE: This is a sub-contractor/service-provider opportunity – not an employee engagement. Pay is commission only.

The person we engage will be our primary advertising sales person.

You will actively seek new advertising clients and keep in touch with them after they join our family.

You will explain the range of advertising options available on the various CONTACT platforms – magazine, newsletter, web site.

You will listen to clients’ needs and recommend appropriate advertising options and packages.

You will explain advertising costs plus terms and conditions to advertisers.

You will maintain records and keep track of existing and potential clients.



This is a sub-contractor/service-provider opportunity – not an employee engagement.

CONTACT’s advertising sales agent will be paid on a commission-only basis, and paid from the proceeds of advertising sold – i.e. paid after the client pays.

Commission will be paid at 40% of advertising sales revenue (minus GST calculations).


Key Performance Indicators

We will place higher value on an applicant who can represent our company professionally, politely and ethically, and who manages existing clients effectively – over someone who is purely sales or money driven.

That said, we need an effective advertising sales agent to help us make CONTACT profitable and sustainable – and to help us realise at least some of its currently untapped potential.

The right person could potentially earn a reasonable wage, or a very lucrative sideline.


Work environment and schedule

CONTACT’s advertising sales agent will work from their own office or home, using their own resources (telephone, Internet, car etc).

You can work to your own schedule and hours – mindful of the mainly office-hours schedules of potential advertisers.


How to apply

Please email CONTACT Editor Brian Hartigan via editor@militarycontact.com outlining why you think you might be a suitable candidate for this position.

Priority will be given to a good communicator who can demonstrate a sound knowledge of CONTACT and the CONTACT audience, who understands and appreciates the advertising potential in all CONTACT’s platforms (magazine, web site, newsletter), and who can adequately explain how you think you can offer what we need.

This position is ready for immediate start..




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Posted by Brian Hartigan

Managing Editor Contact Publishing Pty Ltd PO Box 3091 Minnamurra NSW 2533 AUSTRALIA

3 thoughts on “POSITION VACANT – Advertising Sales

  • 09/02/2020 at 7:33 pm

    Hello Brian,
    I have just read your advertisement with a great deal of interest and would be keen to act as a sales rep for you.
    I must admit that I am getting a little long in the tooth (79) but I am keen to do something that gets the brain moving again and something that would give me a good additional interest.
    I am ex New Zealand Navy. 8. years in the Electrical Branch.
    I served on various ships and had 9 months active service in Malaysia and Borneo,during Confrontation with Indonesia.This was on HMNZS Hickleton (A ton class minesweeper in gun boat configeration) Since then most of my working life was spent as an Inspector of Factories with the. New Zealand Labour Department.
    I live in New Zealand in a town called Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. 150 ks southeast of Auckland.
    If tou requirer any further information I will be happy to provide this

    • 10/02/2020 at 3:58 pm

      Hi Michael. I’ve tried emailing you, but it keeps bouncing.
      Can you please write to me at editor@militarycontact.com
      Brian Hartigan
      CONTACT editor

  • 09/02/2020 at 10:59 am

    Thanks Brian great issue


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