Making CONTACT mag – Part 10 – taking a dive into some tricky words

Even though the magazine is now published – Issue 62 available here – I still want to edit these videos, looking a various aspects of editing and page layouts.

In this video, I take a dive* into some tricky words – where the story comes from three different sources, in future, present and past tense – and the headlines smell of “Strokey Bacon”!!!

Seriously, Strokey Bacon is the name of the font I used for the headline. It’s a pretty rad font, so I use it quite sparingly.

It also doesn’t export to .pdf in font form, so I have to convert it to picture outlines, which lends itself nicely to even more trickery – and thus extra impact in a small layout.


*The intro to this video was shot on 19 June, when me and some other mad eejits went for a sunset dip in the sea to mark the winter solstice (organised a few days early, to coincide with the Kiama Farmers’ Market at Surf Beach, Kiama – every Wednesday 2-5pm)




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