Making CONTACT mag – Part 9 – a quick dip into a big spread

Putting CONTACT magazine together is a 12 to 14-day task, which can get quite taxing on the brain.

So when the computer and the noggin start to overheat, CONTACT Editor takes off to the beach for a cooling dip in the ocean – even if it is the end of May (late Autumn in Australia)(and I can report that the water was much warmer than the westerly wind that day 😉 ).

But, eventually, one has to get back to the office and knuckle down to another marathon design session – this time answering the age-old question “Does Size Matter?”

In this case, I’m referring to the size of Australia’s new Boxer CRV (combat reconnaissance vehicle) – the ASLAV replacement, which is double or more the size of its predecessor in almost every measure.

Anyway, this video gives a much-sped-up overview of a 4.5-hour layout session that turned out pretty OK – though I did go back and change a few things after I stopped recording.

So, if you want to see the final final version of this layout, you can find it here – in issue 62 of CONTACT Air Land & Sea – Australia’s best boots-on-the-ground military magazine, available totally free on our website and by free subscription via




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