F-35s begin ground-attack training at Salt Ash

No. 3 Squadron from RAAF Base Williamtown will conduct the first training for F-35A Joint Strike Fighter over the Salt Ash Air Weapons Range (SAAWR) from today until Friday 17 May.

FILE PHOTO (10 December 2018): One of the first two Royal Australian Air Force F-35A Lightning Joint Strike Fighters flies overhead RAAF Base Williamtown on delivery day. Photo by Brian Hartigan.

Up to four jets will conduct a number of passes over the range for up to two weeks during weekdays only.

Acting Commander Air Combat Group Group Captain Harvey Reynolds said the initial training runs would involve a series of dry passes over the range, and be followed by gunnery activities.

“SAAWR training activities are an important part of the validation and verification phase for the newly introduced aircraft and the aircrew,’’ Group Group Captain Harvey Reynolds said.

“The program will include practicing F-35A weapons loading and unloading procedures, and provide gunnery practice which remains an essential skill for fighter aircrew.”

“The F-35A aircraft will operate over the range in a similar manner to the F/A-18 A/B Hornet aircraft.”







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