HMAS Adelaide embarks mechanised combat team for first time

HMAS Adelaide has for the first time embarked a mechanised combat team including supporting elements to conduct Sea Basing Amphibious Operations over the Joint War Fighter Series in 2019.

STORY BY: Lieutenant Commander Ben Robinson
: Vehicles from the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment embark HMAS Adelaide as part of an Amphibious Task Group at Port Adelaide, South Australia. Photo by Able Seaman Ryan McKenzie.

A mechanised Combat Team from Battle Group Boar, centred on the 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (7 RAR), embarked in HMAS Adelaide during the recent visit to namesake port Adelaide.

The Amphibious Warfare Officer and Head of the Amphibious Department on board Adelaide, Major Charles De-Zilva said the task was complicated by the shallow tidal window of Port of Flinders in Adelaide’s Outer Harbor, during the embarkation period.

“To overcome this constraint, HMAS Adelaide used a pontoon barge to extend the tidal window for its side doors, and a detailed rehearsal and embarkation planning were conducted by the AdelaideAmphibious Task Group and 7 RAR to ensure safe and efficient embarkation.


“For Sea Series components of Joint War Fighter Series 2019, Adelaide is the Primary Control Ship for the Amphibious Task Group. This task is another first for Adelaide as she will be controlling multiple surface connectors from both HMAS Canberra and Adelaide,” said Major De-Zilva.


FILE VIDEO (2015): Six ASLAVs from the Townsville-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment conducted a live-fire shoot on the flight deck of HMAS Canberra. By Sergeant Hamish Patterson.


Commanding Officer 7 RAR, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Gower said throughout the Joint War Fighter Series 2019, Battle Group Boar will conduct Ship to Object Manoeuvre (STOM) and use both a mechanised and Air Mobile Combat Teams from Adelaide.

“This will be the first time that the Adelaide amphibious department will conduct STOM with a mechanised Combat Team and the first time that 7 RAR have conducted Sea Basing Operations with Adelaide.

“This is a step change in the capability that 7 RAR can provide to the Australian Defence Force.

“At the end of these activities we will be able to project and sustain combat power using both air and surface ship to shore connectors,” said Lieutenant Colonel Gower.

The Amphibious Department operates and controls both the heavy and light vehicle decks, the embarked forces accommodation and the Ship to Objective Manoeuvre. The Amphibious Department on HMAS Adelaide has a variety of essential components on the ship for vehicle embarkation and disembarkation, either by ship to shore connectors or while alongside using the ships doors and vehicle ramps.

The Amphibious Department also controls all amphibious Ship to Objective Manoeuvres, by air and surface connectors.






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