I only announced my new #printCONTACTagain plan about three weeks ago, and already, we’ve topped 10% of the funding goal.

That’s a decent start, but we really need to pick the pace up a bit.

While many of you may be thinking, “that’s ages away”, my first yes/no decision deadline on 10 January will not be long coming around.

Then there’s the theory that success breads success – in other words, if people see our funding target growing and our distance to go shrinking, their doubts and scepticism shrink and their confidence and eagerness to ‘back a winner’ may grow in unison.

So for those reasons, if you have thought about subscribing to CONTACT in print but haven’t actually pressed that button yet, please do so – you may just nudge that next person over the line too.

Subscribe now to get CONTACT back into print



There’s one other important reason to subscribe early instead of waiting too…

relieve my nervousness!

Yes, we have topped 10% of our target – but that means we have nearly 90% to go – in just a few short months. And I really, really want/need this to work 🙂

I know you do too!





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