Hawkei hot for remote weapon system – but no commitment

Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicle –Light (PMV-L) underwent a live-fire integration activity at the Department of Defence’s Proof and Experimental Establishment-Graytown in July 2018.

CAPTION: Hawkei fires an Electro Optic Systems RS400 Mk2 remote weapon system fitted with 40mm lightweight automatic grenade launcher at the Graytown proving grounds, Victoria. Photo by Jim Cowie.

The aim of the activity was to demonstrate that the Electro Optic Systems (EOS) RS400 Mk2 remote weapon system could be integrated onto the Hawkei via its Integral Computing System.

However, Defence said LAND 121 Phase 4 was not scoped to deliver a Hawkei fitted with weapons, and there was no requirement to purchase an RWS for Hawkei at this point in time.

“This demonstration was a simple proof of capability for the platform to inform potential future requirements,” a Defence spokesman said.

“This test did not generate precedence of an RWS supplier.”

LAND 121 Phase 4 is scoped to deliver 1100 Thales Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicles – Light (PMV-L) and 1058 associated trailers for command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles.

Low-rate initial production has commenced, which will see a total 100 vehicles and trailers delivered this year.

Full-rate production of the remaining 1000 Hawkei and 958 companion trailers will commence next year, subject to successful completion of production reliability acceptance tests.


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One thought on “Hawkei hot for remote weapon system – but no commitment

  • 23/09/2018 at 4:40 pm

    Pointless not to have an RCS in today’s combat environment. Make it happen!


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