Army orders new Carl-Gustaf M4

The Australian Army has placed an order for several hundred new Carl-Gustaf® M4 84mm multi-role weapon systems.

CAPTIONThe new Carl-Gustaf M4 displayed at the Saab stand at Land Forces 2018 in Adelaide. Photo by Brian Hartigan.

This is Saab’s sixth customer for the Carl-Gustaf M4 system since its launch in late 2014.

Deliveries to the Australian Army will take place during 2020.

This newest version of the venerable Carl-Gustaf retains all the effectiveness and versatility of the proven Carl-Gustaf system while introducing a range of major enhancements – including a lighter-weight design (less than 7kg), a round counter, improved safety and intelligent features, such as compatibility with future intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition – which collectively offer significant operational improvements for the soldier.

The weapon is fully backwards compatible with all ammunition types.

Head of Saab business area Dynamics Görgen Johansson said that with the introduction of the M4 version, the Australian Army would have a weapon with the latest technology and improved ergonomics providing an increased tactical flexibility to deal with most situations on the battlefield.

“The Carl-Gustaf has seen extensive operational service with the Australian Army and moving to the M4 weapon represents the continued modernisation of this important lethality system, Mr Johansson said.

“Saab’s world-leading Carl-Gustaf weapon system has a long and distinguished service history all around the world.

“Saab has worked closely with our global customers to successively modernise and enhance the weapon system to meet their changing requirements.”

In partnership with SAAB Defence, Australian munitions company NIOA will upgrade Defence’s existing 84mm Carl Gustav inventory to meet current specifications following an announcement that they would move into the government-owned Benalla munitions-manufacturing precinct.









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  • 09/09/2018 at 11:00 am

    Hmmm…so this means the ADF will have the M2, M3 & M4 versions in service.


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