Does my printing plan have serious holes in it?

I am super grateful to the few individuals who have signed up to the CONTACT Patron Army since I announced I would print CONTACT magazine again – and even more grateful and gobsmacked by the number of CONTACT Patrons who self-promoted to higher support levels.

But, at just a handful of signups in the opening days, I’m beginning to think my plan to #printCONTACTagain must have some serious holes in it 😉

If so, I’d like your feedback to identify and fix the issues –via or comment below.

I really, really, really want to print CONTACT magazine again – and loads of people have told me they want the same thing.

But the majority of those same people who said they want me to print it have not signed up for a ‘subscription‘ – they assured me they will, but they haven’t actually done the deed yet.

Even yesterday, when I re-announced my plan (first announced in CONTACT issue 59, page 7, on 1 Sept) – I got even more verbal/written feedback from people saying, “Awesome plan – can’t wait” or “I’d definitely support that” or “Yes please – just do it” etc.

But still those people haven’t yet signed on for the subscription that would give me the confidence to #printCONTACTagain.

I don’t even doubt that they do actually mean what they say – but I do actually need them to follow through.

Make no mistake – I will NOT “just do it” if I do not have the financial support in place first.

Without your support – actually signing on for a subscription – the printing will never happen.

But, with sufficient sign-ons, the first printed magazine could be published as early as 1 March 2019 – just two issues away.

Don’t wait to see if others will do it – because they’re probably waiting to see what YOU will do it.

And please do not wait “until I see it in my local newsagent” – because that will never happen if you don’t subscribe. Classic catch 22.

Sign up today. It will cost you as little as US$2.50 (Aus$3.40) per month.

That’s not even a cup of coffee!


Sorry for being so blunt about money.
Sometimes people need a bit of a shakeup call 😉

Brian Hartigan


BTW – serious question – Does my printing plan have serious holes in it?
If you have signed up already – THANK YOU!
If you haven’t, I really do want to hear what might be holding you back? Please let me know – – so I might adjust or adapt if I can – or better explain my plan, if that’s what the problem is.









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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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4 thoughts on “Does my printing plan have serious holes in it?

  • 04/09/2018 at 3:58 pm

    Hey Brian hopefully it all goes well, I am definitely looking forward to getting the magazine back in print, all the best

    • 04/09/2018 at 7:29 pm

      Thank you Josh.
      Your membership of the CONTACT Patron Army is very much appreciated.
      I too am looking forward to printing again.
      FYI, I’ve been telling people all day at the Land Forces conference in Adelaide about this new plan – and their reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

      • 13/09/2018 at 2:20 pm

        ‘Positive Reactions’ are nice – but we need to see more ‘Boots on the Ground’ so to speak!

        It really does only take a couple of minutes to subscribe.

        • 13/09/2018 at 3:38 pm

          Nice quote there Dave – I might have to pinch that one for a later editorial 😉


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