A minister with little to say ;-)

The screen-grab above is the substance of a press release received by CONTACT this morning – obviously from a minister with nothing much to say, yet feeling an urge to tell the world (at taxpayer’s expense) that he has nothing to say.

On closer examination, however, by scrolling as far down as the mouse wheel would let us, we could just see the bare top of a possible .pdf attachment (see screen-shot below), which we could actually and eventually open, but only by very careful placement of our mouse cursor, and double clicking (being careful not to disturb the placement of the cursor in the act of double clicking).

We have no idea why the press release was sent in this very unusual format. Perhaps the poor old minister was so busy remembering the Battle of Lone Pine he forgot to copy his words into the ‘copy text here’ field.

Or perhaps it has something to do with the very unusual hour it was sent!

We do hope it isn’t a new trend, however. We’re way too old and cranky to be stuffing around with cryptic puzzles and dexterity tests like this.








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