Project a long time in the making

More than 14 years ago, CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine was born.

About five years ago, I decided to make a wall display to show off all the magazines I had published.

But I soon ran out of space and decided I needed to expand the display to accomodate all the magazines I published after it filled up.

It only took me four years to get around to it!

But – in the fours years I’ve been procrastinating about the display expansion, I’ve already published enough magazines to fill all the space I gained in the additions.



Between CONTACT Air Land & Sea magazine and its kid brother, COMBAT Camera magazine, plus an Infantry Special Issue, plus three CONTACT Yearbooks, CONTACT Publishing has already published 77 magazines.

And here’s a little secret for you – when I set out on this publishing journey, 55 magazines was my personal target – to beat the number of ARMY Magazines that Army Newspaper Unit published before they shut it down [see here why they shut ARMY Mag down – and why I started CONTACT].


BTW – you can still buy copies of all our printed magazines here.





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