1RAR shines at AASAM

For some time, 1RAR has focused intensely on becoming expert at battlefield shooting, producing world-leading small teams (‘small teams seal the fate of Armies’) and forging highly effective combined-arms and joint ‘teams of teams.’

CAPTION: 1RAR Shooting Team – Champion Major Unit

Commanding Officer 1RAR Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin McLennan said the outstanding results achieved by the battalion’s shooting team at the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting over the past week validated the battalion’s focus areas.

The list of results includes:

1. Long range deliberate – 1st place
2. Long range snap – 1st place
3. Long range team aggregate unit – 1st place
4. Applied Marksmanship practice – 3rd place
5. Night moving target match – 1st place
6. Applied marksmanship unit aggregate – 1st place
7. Rifle close quarter engagement – 1st place
8. Teams championship service rifle unit – 1st place
9. Combat shooting individual aggregate – 1st place
10. Service rifle individual aggregate – 3rd place
11. Service weapons individual aggregate – 1st place
12. Pistol static threat engagement – 2nd place
13. Pistol turn to threat – 2nd place
14. Night practice team aggregate – 1st place
15. Close quarter practice team aggregate – 1st place
16. Teams championship service rifle Brigade – 1st place
17. Advanced application of fire team aggregate LSW – 2nd place
18. Brigade teams weapon championship – 1st place
19. Regular Infantry Battalion Championship – 1st place
20. Advanced Application of Fire Team Aggregate – 3 Brigade 1st place
21. Night practice team aggregate – 3 Bde 1st place
22. Application of fire team aggregate pistol – 1st place
23. Application of fire team aggregate pistol – 3 Bde 1st place
24. Champion major unit – 1st place
25. Dozens of individual medals in the above practices
26. Champion Shot of the Army – 2nd place, LCPL Scott Clark

“Well done to Corporals Matt Hawker and Nicholas Plemunuk, Lance Corporal Scott Clark, Priviates Nicholas Latham and Grant Coad and Sergeant Ash Moran (coach).

“The Battalion is immensely proud of you,” Lieutenant Colonel McLennan said.

This is the second year running that 1RAR has taken out the Champion Major Unit trophy.








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    loser team compare to Indonesian army


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