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End of year always breeds a form of reflection and insight into what’s ahead for the new year. So I felt inspired to share a little history into how Frogman Project started and what we’re discussing at FPHQ for the year to come.

In 2015, after nearly 10 years in the Navy, I decided it was time for something new. My wife and I sold everything we owned and gave up all our safety nets including a full-time job as a clearance diver, a home, friends and family and boarded a plane to Bali with two suitcases and no return tickets.

I was lucky enough to continue coaching at S2S Crossfit which was one of the most influential times in my coaching career. Imagine multiple languages, fitness levels, minimal equipment and space, high humidity, while running a safe but fun class – I learnt a lot! I gained invaluable skills, met inspiring people from all walks of life and was motivated more than ever to finally launch Frogman Project and share my unique skills.

I had a local artist draw up my ideas into a logo design, registered the business name and, with the help of a friend, created a website. Now, for someone who has hardly touched a computer his whole life, this was a massive hurdle and a huge accomplishment! Frogman Project was born.

Frogman’s first and only program was Navy Diver Prep and I was keen to share my knowledge and bring a different spin to peoples’ training. Yes it was beneficial to potential CD applicants, but to be honest, most of the athletes doing it we’re just looking for something new.

It’s awesome to look back over the past two years and see just how much we have grown. Our community and followers are epic and super supportive. We have friends all over the globe and I love following your journeys.

Joining the civilian world was challenging to say the least. My whole working life I have been regimented, moulded and created to look, act and behave in a certain way. And when you’re thrown out into the masses and realise not everyone takes their career, job and life as seriously as I did, was an eye opener.

More on those experiences another time, but basically the Frogman community has been the main source of support for me over the past few years and has kept me grounded. You’re all awesome.



The Frogman team has grown to include my extremely talented coach and friend, Sean aka Coach Smith. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with not only training but mindset and nutrition as well.

My wife Mandie is the backbone of Frogman. Like I said, I am computer illiterate, so everything you see has her touch on it. She is also a highly experienced coach and wellness geek bringing her own spin to the table.

Collectively we have launched two other programs, some kick-ass apparel and informative content. You may have noticed in this past year we have amped things up and it’s because we are seeing results, we believe in what we are doing and we want to bring you more.

We have some big and exciting goals for 2018 and I’m pumped to bring them to you. We’re always going off your results and feedback so keep it coming.

We’re launching new and informative programs to share our knowledge and help you understand the methods to our madness. Yes we want you to do what we tell you, but we would rather teach you so you can do it yourself and understand why.

We’re working on a platform to bring this to you, stay tuned. So I hope you’re as pumped for 2018 as I am.

You better have some epic goals squared away. If not read these.

To all my friends and supporters who helped me back in Bali, salute!

To our followers and mostly athletes, none of this would be possible without YOU. So without getting all soppy and emotional and shit, cheers crew. You’re awesome and I appreciate the heck out of you.

Now go and pick up that object and do some squats.

Ben – out.




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