Future Submarine combat-system design, build, integration contract let

Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne announced a significant milestone in the future submarine programme on Thursday.

CAPTIONCommanding Officer HMAS Farncomb Commander Barry Carmichael oversees the submarine’s departure from Fleet Base East, Sydney, on 17 January for a training evolution. The Collins-class submarine  is currently attached to Fleet Base East as part of the Submarine Squadron’s commitment to keeping a presence on the east coast. As well as maintaining relations with the surface fleet based at Fleet Base East, HMAS Farncomb will also conduct a maintenance period before departing later this year. Photo by Able Seaman Kieran Dempsey.

A $700 million contract has been signed with Lockheed Martin Australia for the Future Submarine combat-system design, build and integration.

“Today marks a further step forward in our partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia in delivering a fleet of regionally superior submarines to Australia,” Minister Pyne said.

“This contract will cover work to 2022, including the design of the combat system and procurement activities to select subsystem and component suppliers.”

He said this contract would create 200 new jobs, the majority of which will be based in South Australia.

“Lockheed Martin Australia was selected as the Future Submarine Combat System Integrator in September 2016.

“The company has worked with Defence to successfully complete initial design work for the Future Submarine combat system under an earlier contract signed in November 2016.”








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One thought on “Future Submarine combat-system design, build, integration contract let

  • 09/02/2020 at 12:59 pm

    We can talk up the Attack-class up, till the cows come home, but this build is not going to deliver till “AFTER” 2036-7, and then years getting the bugs out of a sub with Lead Acid batteries.We seriously need an evolved Collins 1.5 – 2.0 on the design board yesterday.
    Australia is mature enough to have two types of long rang submarines in parallel build. We have so much invested in the Collins, the ASC knows what the requirements are and the American and French, supply the systems integral to current “Regionally Superiority “. Battery technology and choice of propulsion and power generation, is exactly that, “Choice” something we don’t get now.
    The greater the diesel choice the less we have to instal. That means choice of AIP and how many could be installed. It’s the “Collins” with all the options.and. We are capable of building it now with a partnership with SAAB. The obvious is staring us in the face. Why are the decision makers so “Cerebrally Constipated”?. They are so terrified on making a Collins 1 that they are doing it again with theFrench.


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