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A habit I picked up early into my military career was self-reflection and delivering gratitude when gratitude is due.

I find that Australians often avoid thanking each other and sometimes believe they achieved everything by themselves when they look retrospectively.

I learned early to thank contributors and mentors and I’m writing in the hope that you identify how valued your contribution has been.

Just some key wins;

  • Hundreds of veterans in professional roles.
  • Over 80 companies are hiring veterans through WYWM
  • 105 Veterans are currently in cyber training and we have placed over 40 veterans so far!
  • Delivering the Defence Senate Committee on shifting to an outplacement model in Feb 18.
  • Veteran Unemployment Rate exposed

I would personally like to thank you for your support on the following;

  • Becoming an outstanding advocate of the program and supporting our team and events
  • Embodying the message of veterans as highly talented labour and not the vicitimhood narrative.

Thanks for supporting Australian Veterans and helping to change the way veterans are viewed – the effect is gaining legs!

Duty First,

Tom Moore
Co-founder and CEO







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