Is ANZAC Day not taught in schools or what?

So, I was on the train yesterday and in front of me were these school kids talking about ANZAC Day.

They were saying, “it’s about Afghanistan” and the 10 years we served there.

At least they knew that much, I suppose – but what about the rest?

What about the ANZACs? We just had the Centenary Year for God’s sake.

These school kids didn’t have a clue why we pause to reflect on ANZAC Day.

In fact, they just didn’t know what ANZAC Day was or why we have it at all.

I was shocked.

And the fact that they were school kids blew me away.

What have their teachers been doing?

What is to become of us when the leaders of our tomorrow don’t know where we have come from or who we are as a nation.

Really sad.



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3 thoughts on “Is ANZAC Day not taught in schools or what?

  • 07/11/2016 at 12:30 pm

    Its DISGUSTING that in this fantastic country that I love we have dropped the ball big time. Want to make this country even better than it is?
    1. Bring back national service.
    2. National Anthem to be sung EVERY week at ALL Schools.
    3. Aussie Flag to be raised and lowered at EVERY School EVERY DAY.

    We need the next generation to have some pride and respect. They MUST understand. Don’t like it….you are FREE to leave.

  • 27/04/2016 at 6:50 am

    Yes I was aware of this some years ago about the lack of ANZAC education in Australian schools.
    We are in a PC World and the present generation of young people will probably only put today’s battle of world terrorism as paramount. (They have not experienced major war, that, they can be grateful for of the ANZAC Contribution to keep our future generations from going to war on large scales.)
    But here in New Zealand we have not forgotten The ANZAC tradition, every school, emergency service, universities, mostly have a roll of honour proudly displayed of those who served in world confrontation and paid the ultimate sacrifice, I’m sure it is the same in Australia.
    We Kiwis and Aussies certainly don’t glorify war but we step up to do our bit in a free world to keep free people secure from aggression.
    I have just come back from Rarotonga , who also remember ANZAC DAY as they too sent proud warriors (in the NZEF ) to the battlefronts of WW1and WW2.
    Near my hotel I found two veterans of the Cook Island Contingent and placed two poppies next to their headstone on ANZAC DAY (their time Tuesday25/4/16).
    It was nice to see other tourists wearing poppies with the proud locals and you really did appreciate what this was all about and how lucky we are to have places like Rarotonga a beautiful paradise free from harm and why we served and for those before us who defended such places from tyranny, we all owe our forces from the regular/reserve/volunteers and conscripts who came forth to keep all our great countries safe, secure and free.
    Perhaps may be it would be an idea to have an exchange of school pupils from Australia correspond with some of our schools (vice versa) and partake in ANZAC DAY Commemorations in each others country to make a strong ANZAC SPIRIT even Greater.
    May be our Governments, RSL and RSA should get together and see what can be done?

  • 21/04/2016 at 3:02 pm

    Yep, I had a young friend Aussie in the motor trade, when the 50 cent piece with Weary on it comment “wasn’t it great they where recognising the tyre bloke”


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