Foreign sales delegations not Finnished yet

Assistant Minister for Defence Michael McCormack yesterday held constructive talks with the Finnish Minister of Defence and senior Finnish defence industry representatives in Canberra.

The FinlandAustralia Defence and Security Seminar brings together the Captains of Defence Industry in both countries to discuss areas of mutual interest. 

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Mr McCormack said the Finnish delegation discussed some of their future programs and development plans as well as their procurement policies.

“The Finnish Minister for Defence Dr Jussi Niinisto indicated Finland has started procurement to replace some of its existing platforms including fighter jets,” Mr McCormack said.

“The Finnish delegation has a strong interest in our military procurement processes and is keen to learn from our vast experience in this space.

“We also discussed the Defence White Paper which establishes our funding commitment in real terms over the next decade, providing longterm stability and certainty for our Defence capability.” 

Finland, like Australia, is one of the five Enhanced Opportunities Partners with NATO and Finland has contributed to NATO operations in Afghanistan both through the International Security Assistance Force and its successor the Resolute Support Mission. 

“Australia welcomes Finland’s participation in the USled training mission in Iraqi Kurdistan to support international coalition operations to counter Daesh and other likeminded groups.”

In closing, Mr McCormack reinforced the collect resolve of both countries to work together will ensure Australia and Finland are best placed to meet current and future security challenges.

“Our discussions were constructive for both countries and there will be considerable opportunities born from discussions to enhance and strengthen our bilateral relationship, including on industry matters such as Defence engagement and materiel cooperation.” 




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One thought on “Foreign sales delegations not Finnished yet

  • 18/10/2021 at 12:08 pm

    “The Finnish delegation has a strong interest in our military procurement processes and is keen to learn from our vast experience in this space.”
    You’d hope that means how not to repeat the sustained history of monumental cock-ups, from buying strike fighters off a set of plans and then paying several multiples of the quoted price following years of delays or buying second-hand helos from a ‘graveyard’ selection which took years and millions to render appropriately serviceable while NZ ordered theirs new and to required specification.
    Can anyone remember the last time the ADF procurement system delivered on time and under budget? Be assured the subs won’t any more than the F35s did/do.


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