CAF launches Airpower Scholar Program

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies today launched the Airpower Scholar Program as part of a cooperative endeavour with the Sir Richard Williams Foundation at the 2016 Air Power Conference in Canberra.

CAPTION: Royal Australian Air Force C-17 Globemasters at RAAF Base Learmonth during Exercise Northern Shield 2015. Photo by Corporal Janine Fabre

viewee_twoee_careerAir Marshal Leo Davies said that the people working on the front line and in a networked environment need to work seamlessly with other operators.

“It is people working with other people, who create and sustain airpower effects. It is the human dimension that sits at the heart of my command philosophy,” Air Marshal Davies said.

“Air Force now has the systems and capabilities to offer a balanced and truly capable force. Our ongoing contribution to Operation OKRA is testament to this. This integrated capability will be further enhanced the coming decade with new systems.

“By 2025, our oldest aircraft will be a C-130J Hercules – hardly a legacy platform. Our systems will be world class and world leading; and the cyber and space domains will increasingly network our world to create enhanced joint effects.

“Plan Jericho is already demonstrating the art of the possible in developing ways to better integrate the elements of Air Force, but the transformation of Air Force through Plan Jericho is not an end state.

“To provide the Government and Joint Force Commanders the best possible air power options – primary through technologically advanced systems – we need to have a skilled and supported workforce.

“Smart people acquire, operate and sustain Air Force. It is not just about a technician turning a spanner or providing air traffic services – people trained in their specialisation and educated in what it means to create airpower – is that truly makes Air Force tick.”




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