Two Old Pharts Discuss – Passion & Patience in Photography

Welcome to the first of what may turn out to be a regular series of interviews, discussions, shenanigans and maybe even some serious and valuable workshops on photography.

In Episode 1 it’s just Two Old Pharts sitting on a park bench, chatting on the topic of ‘Passion and Patience in Photography’.

This was initially broadcast as a live Periscope on 22 January 2016.

I hope you enjoy it – I know we did 🙂


Please leave feedback and comments on this episode in the comments section below.

And join us for Episode 2 when you will see the Two Old Pharts on assignment, sniffing sewerage fumes and sheltering from a thunder storm!


The Two Old Pharts are…

Greg Primmer, professional photographer and videographer extraordinaire, known for loud shirts and an even louder personality. Check out some of Greg’s beautiful work at

Brian Hartigan, is a photographer, reporter, entrepreneur and managing editor of CONTACT – and ying to Greg’s yang on the personality front.


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Posted by Brian Hartigan

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2 thoughts on “Two Old Pharts Discuss – Passion & Patience in Photography

  • 08/02/2016 at 12:57 am

    Hi Brian,
    It has been a while, I just loved the the 2 Pharts with the passion and patience. Some real nuggets of wisdom when Greg talks about having a mentor and being passionate about photography. My wife tells me all the time “that the image has to tell a story”. She told me about 4 years ago I needed to get a hobby. I bought my first point and shot on my way to Iraq in 2004. I just loved that experience and it took me a while to get that passion back for photography and life. I have just applied to the Australian Council for the Arts for a Arts grant for a project to be held at the Shrine of Remembrance if I get the funding. The project is titled “Frozen in Time – Images of Australian Veterans and Families Project”. Can’t wait for the next instalment of 2 Pharts. Here are some samples of my work I would like to do some book reviews if you need any for the magazine. Cheers Gordon 0430144103

    • 08/02/2016 at 8:47 am

      Hi Gordon. Yes it has been a while since I’ve heard from you. You used to be a prolific commenter.
      Mate, your photos are awesome – you definitely have a flare for portraits. Beautiful.
      I don’t do book reviews currently, but I definitely will be in the future. It was a common suggestion as content for in the Member’s Area. I hope to have that up and running about mid year. If you have any reviews written, or you feel the urge to write them, I’d love to receive them and have then=m ‘in the can’ for when the time comes. Eventually, if you like, I could endorse you as an official reviewer for CONTACT and have publishing houses send you new books to review – if you want to get that serious.
      Keep in touch mate. And warmest regards,


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