40mm guided rocket fired from rifle-mounted grenade launcher

Raytheon successfully fired two new Pike 40mm precision-guided munitions from a standard tube grenade launcher earlier this month.

The shots were delivered during flight tests at Mile High Resources in Texas and both rounds landed within the targeted impact area after flying more than 2100 metres.

Raytheon photo
Raytheon photo

Raytheon’s Advanced Land Warfare Systems director JR Smith said Pike used a digital, semi-active laser seeker to engage both fixed and slow-moving, mid-range targets.

“This new guided munition can provide the warfighter with precision, extended-range capability never before seen in a hand-held weapon on the battlefield,” he said.

“Weighing less than two pounds (>1kg) and measuring just 16.8 inches (43cm) in length, Pike can be fired from a conventional, single-shot grenade launcher such as the M320 or EGLM (Enhanced Grenade Launching Module).


“Pike’s rocket motor ignites eight to 10 feet after launch and is nearly smokeless for reduced launch signature.

“Pike will become smarter and smarter as we continue to develop its capabilities,” Mr Smith said.

“In the current configuration, the warfighter will enter programmable laser codes before loading Pike into its launcher.

“Spiral development calls for multiple-round simultaneous programming and targeting with data-link capabilities.

“Additional Pike upgrades include the ability to fire it from platform-mounted launchers on small boats, all-terrain vehicles and small unmanned aircraft systems.”

Raytheon photo
Raytheon photo




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