Vets/pensioners get $75 Energy Assistance Payment

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Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Dan Tehan said yesterday that 233,000 Department of Veterans’ Affairs clients last week received a one-off payment to help with rising energy costs.

FILE PHOTOLeading Aircraftman Cameron Lambert, an Electrician from 1 Airfield Operational Support Squadron RAAF Richmond, helps to keep the electricity flowing at RAAF Base Tindal during exercise Talisman Saber 2009. Photo by Corporal Melinda Mancuso.

Mr Tehan said that the Energy Assistance Payment (EAP) was announced in the 2017-18 Budget and was part of the government’s ongoing commitment to supporting the men and women who defend our nation.

Veterans and dependants receiving an eligible compensation payment of $75.

Those in receipt of a Service Pension received $75 for singles and $62.50 per member of a couple.

“The government recognises that there are times when veterans require additional financial support,” Mr Tehan said.

“This Budget measure will assist veterans and their families who have been affected by increasing energy prices.”

EAP is a non-taxable payment and does not count as income for the purposes of means testing.

EAP will also be made to eligible Centrelink customers who are Age Pensioners, Disability Support Pensioners and Parenting Payment Single Recipients.

More info on the EAP here.




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One thought on “Vets/pensioners get $75 Energy Assistance Payment

  • 23/07/2017 at 3:07 pm

    Regarding this one off payment to help out with the scandalously escalating energy bills, what a load of Bull’s Wool!!! We (my conscripted Vietnam Veteran husband & self) only received an extra $23.00 something each on top of on our already “ripped off” pension amount of $39.00 + some cents a fortnight which brought the amount up to $62.50). So in actual fact if there are any others out there the government in reality DID NOT give the DVA pensioner an extra $62.50 one off payment – so therefore THEY ARE LIARS!!! Our pension was cut down dramatically because my husband dared to have some savings to repair our 107 year old house which we have lived in for 38 years (since we were married) & also in case of medical situations because of our ages (we cannot afford private health cover for me). Now they are trying to tell the younger generations to have savings. What a joke!!! My advice to the young ones is to not bother at all – the bloody thieving government is going to take it all anyway! And more importantly in the event of war here don’t fight for this country – THERE IS NOTHING LEFT WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!! LET MR TURNBULL, MR SHORTEN, THEIR MATES & THEIR FAMILIES FIGHT FOR IT!


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