Dual-serving couples can now share leave

Dual-serving couples can now share their leave as part of the latest change under the ADF Leave Framework.

CAPTIONPolicy to enable dual-serving couples leave sharing arrangements is now in place. Photo by Leading Seaman Tara Morrison.

Introduced on July 1, 2023, the ADF Leave Framework introduced improved flexibility in how ADF personnel manage their leave, simplified leave types and increased basic recreational leave from 20 to 25 days per financial year.

Defence is now implementing the additional planned improvements outlined as part of the framework.

From July 4, policy to enable dual-serving couples leave sharing arrangements has come into place. Later this year, ADF personnel will also have the ability to take recreation leave at half pay and take purchased recreation leave upfront.

Squadron Leader Aleisha Croxford, of the People Policy Employment Conditions Branch, is positive about the additional leave changes, particularly the dual-serving couple arrangements.

“My husband and I are both serving members with two young children. When one of us has been deployed or posted away from our family, the person who is at home with the children runs out of leave pretty quickly, while the person away has limited opportunities to take their basic recreation leave,” Squadron Leader Croxford said.

“The ability for dual-serving couples to be able to transfer recreation leave to their partners in these situations will be really helpful for us.

“Taking leave at half pay is also another initiative that I am looking forward to being able to access when it will be implemented later this year.

“Leave at half pay will provide me with greater flexibility when it comes to caring for our children and managing school holidays.”





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